Strange bicycles

For me, walking is pure maintenance. It ensures that my body remains strong, the blood sugars are more stable and the mind is better able to deal with depressive feelings. Now that I haven't been able to walk for a couple of weeks, I am restless and not only see the upcoming marathon, but also the running after that move away from me. Time for action.

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Training on soft ground should be better.
Training on soft ground should be better.

After the training camp in Lanzarote I started this blog in good spirits. To the Rotterdam marathon I had planned all kinds of big intermediate races, I became an ambassador for Raidlight and I was able to transfer a whole load of old messages. But then that happened what every runner fears: an injury. And I couldn't post for a while. Matches cancelled, marathon insecure, weeks not training… physically mentally I have a nagging pain.

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