About me

I started running a few years ago. I can still remember well how I did my first 5-kilometre runs at that time, and didn't dare to go on to the 10 km for fear of getting into a mess with food. Hypo’s seemed inevitable and the time to recover from that seemed too long to arrive within the race limit. Now I have run several (ultra)marathons and am looking at other diabetics such as Olivier Kronal, Peter van Rompaey and Don Muchow, who effortlessly make trips of 100 miles or more. That way I hope to be able to inspire as well.

During that first 5 km walk, I had diabetes for over 20 years. Unbelievable that I didn't learn to trust my body better during that time. Now I know that also a diabetic, with the right mindset can go very far. Translations on this page are semi-automatically made by TranslatePress with the Deepl algorithm. If you see any bloopers, please contact me.

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